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Spring flowersThe Sanctuary


“Such a lovely place. I can feel your soul’s passion expressed in and around the [AbunDance Healing Arts] Sanctuary. Beautiful!”

MAY YOU BE DEEPLY NURTURED by your environment.

Planty Kim Seeks Sanctuary

Do you have any connections that might lead me home? Planty Kim is seeking land to buy/lease in Chatham County where I can create a new AbunDance Healing Arts teaching sanctuary and longterm home. Wish list: approximately 1-3 acres, privacy, friends within walking distance, both sun and shade, dark night sky and quiet, ability to take long walks without getting in my car, within 15 minute drive to Pittsboro. Thank you for sharing this vision with others! In the meantime and always, I am available to lead wild plant walks at parks, public trails, and your backyard, neighborhood, or school.

Treatment Space

Kim is delighted to welcome clients for bodywork, guided partner massage sessions, and personalized yoga instruction to her beautiful office in the historic Nooe house in downtown Pittsboro, 224 East Street. There is ample parking and an entrance behind the building. Come upstairs and relax on the comfortable couch in the hallway before your session.